Military Grade Security for your Digital Assets

As part of our estate planning tools, Ballantyne Law has recently introduced our Digital Asset Vault, a highly encrypted and secure storage platform to store your digital records.  In the event of your death we can quickly and securely deliver these records to your selected loved ones to help them deal with the administration of your estate in a timely and cost effective way.

Why should I consider a Digital Asset Vault?


The Digital Asset Vault is a secure storage platform you can trust to collect, protect, defend and distribute your digital data. DAV has been expertly designed to ensure security from data leaks and exposure.


We are all in the possession of an increasing amount of digital assets and records. Our digital asset vault provides a way in which you can ensure that only the people that you decide can access this data.


With so much information being located on our email systems, online accounts, and password protected devices can become a difficult and drawn out process if our digital records are not easily and centrally located.


You have complete control over who sees what information after you've died. You can request specific people have access to secret information or restrict the access of others.


Quickly and easily forward information and documents to your vault by email so you're always up to date and not leaving anything to guesswork.

Protect your future by signing up to Ballantyne Law's Digital Vault today.

Your estate lawyer clients


New clients


Have a will written by someone else?
That’s ok, you can still get a Ballantyne from us and transfer all your information over.

New clients


Have a will written by someone else?
That’s ok, you can still get a Ballantyne from us and transfer all your information over.


The digital asset vault can store almost any type of digital asset.

Most commonly, our clients use the digital asset vault to ensure that they following types of records are protected:

The security of your digital assets is maintained using three layers of encryption, and OWSAP level 3 requirements. Each user’s data is encrypted between their computer and our servers (SSL) then individually encrypted, first with their own unique key, secondly encrypted using the application key, and lastly encrypted with a database key. Should any piece of our infrastructure be compromised, your data is still safe, as the key is spread over separate application resources.

We also maintain a list of trusted devices, log all changes and who made them, and every time you log in, a single-use code is also messaged to you for use in conjunction with your password– meaning if a hacker got a hold of your login details, they still would not be able to gain access.

We charge a one time only fee to establish your digital asset vault from as little as $550.00 plus GST for new clients. Further discounting may apply if you elect to us Ballantyne Law for your estate plan.

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